Honeycomb Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

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This honeycomb headband made from hair is a variation of our “chain link headband” hairstyle, which we uploaded a couple of years ago (using only one “chain” to create the headband instead of several) which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADAFCmTKgOU. This hairstyling technique can be used to make a variety of interesting and intricate styles. We think the connected links of the chains look just like a honeycomb! The trick to making these “chains” neatly is getting the hair wet before you begin, or using hair product to prevent flyaways. It is also helpful to use very small or thin strands of hair to create the knots.

This unique hairstyle probably isn’t for everyone, as it is quite different! But, the Princess loves it and always receives lots of compliments and attention when she wears chains in her hair (which she loves.) I’m sure you will too!

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