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We’re back with 12 Amazing Makeup Hacks presented by the oh so gorgeous and makeup powerhouse Sushmita (@sushdazzles On Instagram). Watch & learn as she beautifully explains all the 12 makeup hacks along with a few makeup tips for y’all. (Timestamps below)

We’re going to learn some of the coolest makeup hacks today! So brace yourselves to learn a few tips & tricks of makeup.
✔ 1st hack 00:21 – No colour corrector? No worries, use red lipstick as a colour corrector
✔ 2nd hack 00:27 – Spray some setting mist on a beauty blender for a seamless finish
✔ Bonus hack 00:34 – Lipstick can be used as a blush or as an eyeshadow
✔ 3rd hack 00:43 – Struggling to keep the lipstick in place? Place a Q-tip between your lips while applying the red lipstick. This will keep the excess lipstick get transferred to the earbud.
✔ 4th hack 00:54 – Always stressing over creating the perfect winged liner? This hack is for you then. Use tape to get those perfect wings.
✔ 5th hack 01:08 – You can use liquid lipstick as a liner too.
✔ 6th hack 01:17 – Did you keep the mascara bottle open for the longest time & got it dried? Don’t worry, just dip the mascara bottle in warm water for some time & then see the difference for yourself.
✔ 7th hack 01:24 – The same mascara wand can be used to set your brows & flyaways.
✔ 8th hack 01:28 – You can use brown lipstick for contouring to get a chiselled look.
✔ 9th hack 01:42 – Use the black eyeshadow as a brow powder & also as kohl.
✔ 10th hack 01:55 – Create your own illuminator by mixing a highlighter & a moisturizer.
✔ 11th hack 02:11 – Bad hair day? We have a hack for that too! Just use some translucent powder on your oily scalp & it will look amazing.
✔ 12th hack 02:23 – Use a lip balm to set your flyaways.

Try out these hacks & share your favourite in the comment section below.

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Products used in the video:
???? Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – 01 Scarlett O’Hara https://bit.ly/3sdCTTz
???? Grand Finale Dewy Setting Mist https://bit.ly/3s9iteG
???? Mettle Satin Lipstick – 04 Adela https://bit.ly/3g0SrYx
???? Eye Warned You So! Double Matte Eyeliner – 01 Black Swan https://bit.ly/3a35959
???? Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick – 50 Dandy Candy https://bit.ly/3284L13
???? Lash Mob Limitless Mascara – 01 Black With A Bang https://bit.ly/2QcdpZC
???? Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick – 14 Caffeine Bandit https://bit.ly/3dRdFWd
???? Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette – 02 Warrior https://bit.ly/322qzv1
???? Aquaholic Priming Moisturizer https://bit.ly/3g02Tzo
???? Contour De Force Mini Highlighter – 01 Champagne Champion https://bit.ly/3mENaY8
???? All Set To Go Translucent Powder https://bit.ly/3uKbhHk
???? Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm – 01 Mojito https://bit.ly/3g16VHL

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