Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes With Common Household Products | Pantry Beauty

Insider’s Caroline Aghajanian is using her time at home to finally clean her makeup brushes. She typically cleans her brushes with her face wash and a makeup-brush-cleaning mat, but she will test out three other popular methods for alternative options. The first method is mixing extra-virgin olive oil with dish soap, like Dawn or Palmolive. The extra-virgin olive oil can help break down makeup and can also moisturize the bristles so the brushes don’t dry out. The second method is with hot water, white vinegar, and dish soap mixed together into a cup. The white vinegar will help disinfect the makeup brushes. The third method is washing brushes with castile soap, like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, and disinfecting with apple cider vinegar afterwards. All of these methods will leave makeup brushes clean and ready for application.

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Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes With Common Household Products | Pantry Beauty


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