This “Pole Merman” Looks Like He’s Floating in Mid-Air — Watch the Mesmerizing TikToks

A skilled dancer with serious core strength is enchanting his one-million TikTok followers with merman pole routines. Quan Bui has been sharing impressive pole dance videos on the app for nearly a year, but he recently decided to add a fantastical twist by wearing a whimsical mermaid tail, which also forces Quan to mainly rely on his upper body.

The self-described “pole merman” made his debut with a video set to a remix of Ariana Grande‘s “Positions.” That particular TikTok received over 15 million views, and a few days later, Quan shared another video set to a cover of Grande’s cheeky “34 + 35,” as well as one to Slander’s “Love Is Gone” feat. Dylan Matthew. Quan also said he’s taking song suggestions for future routines, so stay tuned for more magical merman videos.

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