Why ELLE Loves the Seductive Noir Fragrance by GUESS

In the sphere of beauty, there’s nothing more personal than fragrance. It’s a first impression, a mood, a lingering feeling—your scent is like your second skin.

Citrus, floral, spice—this unique trifecta of notes are all embodied in our latest fragrance obsession: GUESS Seductive Noir. The most recent installment in the brand’s fragrance offering is the kind of scent you always want to have around. Clean, but also peppery, a spritz of Seductive Noir is a simple way to feel sexy—whether you’re heading out to dinner or spending a cozy night in with your S/O. Whatever the scenario, I’ve found this alluring fragrance pulls its own weight. Ahead, discover why the Seductive Noir scent now has a permanent spot on my dresser.

Seductive Noir Eau de Toilette



It’s nostalgically glamorous.

Creative Director Paul Marciano drew inspiration from old Hollywood glamour and film noir for the fragrance’s aesthetic. At once sleek and seductive, the black bottle was designed in a silhouette that nods to Art Deco and feels like a statement on its own (yes, the other perfume bottles in your beauty cabinet will be jealous). It’s unassuming but simultaneously alluring—and I haven’t even talked about the actual scent yet!

It’s packed with distinct ingredients—that dance surprisingly well together.

Seductive Noir balances the crisp acidity of bergamot and sage with the subtle sweetness of peony. The scent also introduces iris pallida, jasmine sambac, and muguet (aka Lily of the Valley) for a floral hit, but it somehow comes across as velvety and woody, rather than like a big bouquet. For a seductive finish, Haitian vetiver, white suede, and vanilla dance on the nose. There are several notes at play but it manages to feel cohesive and harmonious.

It’s sexy.

I rarely use the word sexy but this fragrance is sexy with a capital “S”. For centuries, jasmine has been regarded as an aphrodisiac and it lends depth to the fragrance in a way that leaves you wanting more. This romantic sweetness combined with the warmer aromas from the other scents is, in a word, intoxicating. Maybe it’s in my head, but when I spray this on I instantly feel more confident. A scent with a side effect? I’m down.

As the day progresses, it relaxes into my skin and clothing and turns into a soft, sensual aroma.

It’s dynamic.

Something I find fascinating about fragrance is its journey. From the moment any perfume hits your skin, its notes begin a highly-personal trajectory that can vary depending on how much you dispense, where you place it on your body, your natural oils, and everything in between. For me, Seductive Noir is a dynamic scent that changes shape throughout the day. In the morning, after I’ve showered, it feels crisp and energetic. As the day progresses, it relaxes into my skin and clothing and turns into a soft, sensual aroma. It offers the best of both worlds but never overwhelms.

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