Schitt’s Creek Leggings Exist For When You’re Ready to Work Out Like Alexis Rose

Are you ready to workout like Alexis Rose? There’s no shortage of Schitt’s Creek-themed merchandise out there, and we’ve recently stumbled upon leggings featuring a few of our favorite small town characters. OK, featuring might be putting it lightly. These leggings from All Over Shirts are actually covered with the iconic facial expressions of Schitt’s Creek‘s key residents like Moira and David Rose, Jocelyn, Roland, and Mutt Schitt, Stevie Budd, and Patrick Brewer.

We’re not doing any “Elevation” classes or running to the Café Tropical but these workout pants would make great gear if you’re trying out POPSUGAR’s official Schitt’s Creek fitness challenge or even if you’re just lounging around at home. Either way, we love that journey for you! Get a closer look at the patterned pairs, below.

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