Exercise and Breathwork Is Helping Tracee Ellis Ross Reconnect to Her Power After the Election

For many, the presidential election has stirred up emotions such as anxiety and fear, and those feelings and more are all valid. A day after the election, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a candid message on her Instagram addressing where she’s at emotionally and mentally and how she’s caring for herself as we wait to find out who will be the next president of the United States.

Tracee said she was experiencing “dread energy” in her body, and working out and focusing on her breath is helping her “pull in the strength” and reconnect to her power. She knows that many others throughout the US and around the world may be feeling similar emotions, which is why she encouraged everyone to find something that will help them feel their strength again, even if it’s as simple as “walking around and connecting yourself to your feet,” or stretching, dancing, or running — “whatever you need to shift the energy in your body,” she captioned.

“Wherever we land, the reality of the differing — the very stark differing — points of view in our country is difficult to be with,” she said in the video. Knowing that, Tracee is reminding everyone to focus on their breath and to connect to nature if possible. “Breathe. Be patient. Be where you are. Feel it all,” she said in her caption.

If you’re looking for ways to move and release your emotions, we recommend this breathing technique for stress and anxiety, this 30-minute full-body stretch routine, and this fun dance workout.

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