“Don’t Stop Now”: Nike’s Joyful, Empowering “Victory Swim” Ad Is Giving Us Goosebumps

It was last year that Nike debuted the Victory Swim collection, featuring full-coverage swimsuits and hijabs to help make swimming more inclusive. Now, just over a year after the collection debuted, Nike dropped a new Victory Swim ad that has feeling chills in the best possible way.

The ad starts by showing a mom teaching her daughter how to swim, telling her, “On the count of three, hold your breath. Ready?” When she dunks, the camera starts cutting between dozens of different women diving into pools, strapping into scuba gear, surfing the waves, and rowing along the water, showing all the places you can go and things you can experience when you learn to take that first plunge. As the daughter swims away on her own, her mom has three words of encouragement: “Don’t stop now!” Turn on the subtitles and watch the empowering ad above.

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