Jeanette Jenkins Has 10 Stretches That’ll Help You Relieve Lower-Back Pain

Spending hours on the couch, whether that’s while typing away on your laptop or zoning out to your third hour of Netflix, can come with some pretty uncomfortable physical side effects for your lower back and hips.

According to celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, muscular tightness from sitting down too long (or even repetitive exercise) can pinch your nerves, causing aches and pain. Sound familiar?

Luckily, she took to Instagram to share 10 stretches that she counts on to loosen up her lower back and hips. The super helpful video features a guest appearance from pro football player Demarcus Ware. (But remember, if you’re dealing with any sort of physical pain, consulting with a doctor is a good idea, especially before beginning a new exercise program.)

In the caption, Jenkins instructs, “Try each of these stretches for 8-10 deep breaths and breathe some space into your joints and lengthen out those tight muscle fibers!”

  1. Hip circles and hip side bends
  2. Overhead reach side bend and side bend with hands together
  3. Forward fold with slow roll up (modify with bent knees)
  4. Hip flexor stretch and add side bend
  5. Seated forward fold and add side reach
  6. Seated twist glutes stretch
  7. Seated figure four with slow rocking motion and static supine figure four
  8. Happy Baby pose
  9. Supine hamstring stretch at knee and hip
  10. Supine twist with extended leg

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