Why I Schedule My Workouts Just Like I Schedule a Meeting at Work

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Some may call my loyalty to my calendar a little unnecessary. Especially during a time when work and social schedules are so ambiguous, I’m sure it sounds a little overboard to adhere to a schedule so precisely. But over the last seven months, I’ve learned that scheduling my workouts just as I would a meeting or video call is beneficial in many ways.

It’s not lost on me that part of the beauty of my work-from-home lifestyle is the flexibility to live in my UA Meridian Heather Leggings ($70) and work out whenever. And that had its benefits when I first started this journey — a workout at lunch, a quick jog when I was meeting-free. After the novelty of freedom wore off, I quickly realized order and structure were what gave my workday balance, so why shouldn’t I treat my workouts the same way and schedule those into my calendar?

So, I did just that. I carved out time in my calendar that was strictly for working out or training. I refused any coffee hangs during that time. I didn’t take meetings during that time. I built my entire schedule around that block of time — just as I would any other work meeting or appointment. This allowed me to give my full attention to my workout.

Previously, when my workouts weren’t planned or were done “whenever I had the time,” I found myself distracted or giving half of my effort because I was worried I needed to be somewhere or had to be answering a message. And yes, when my workouts were based on my mood or free time, it was easier to skip them. But booking time on my calendar just for me and my exercise made me much more deliberate about my time, energy, and attention. I found myself completely tuned into my workout, giving it my all, and leaving the workout feeling fulfilled and proud of my work. In a way, I started to view my workouts, which for me are necessary for physical and mental recovery, as being worth the same amount of respect and value as any other meeting or appointment on my work calendar.

Ever since I’ve transitioned to this scheduled format, I’ve shifted my mindset about my workouts. No longer are they something I need to find time to complete. Instead, my workouts are a part of my daily life that deserve respect and attention. And, yes, a block on my calendar.

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